Volunteer – we promise you fun and learning!

There are volunteer opportunities for everyone within the parameters of the Garden Stratford organization.  Our membership, in excess of 200 people supports a vast array of volunteer positions. Some, prefer to attend select General Meetings only, while others engage heavily in the care and maintenance of one of our many City perennial and annual gardens .

For some it is an opportunity to get outside, get some exercise and contribute to the beauty of a garden. For others it may be flower, tree or landscape design that captures their heart.

 Our volunteer positions are “no pressure” and team based. You do what you can, when you can and there is no long term commitment.

To see the Gardens we plan and maintain go to  www.stratfordgardens.com.

Other opportunities exist  in floral and urn design, education, membership, special events, plant sales, garden tour, board positions , program, social media etc.

Please consider what you might enjoy and give it a try. We do have fun!!

Email   sdhs1878@outlook.com  to find out more